How to eat fruits for the most health benefits?

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In addition to choosing to eat low-sugar fruits, Eating wisely is another factor that will allow us to fully benefit from fruits. And it does not increase the risk of disease or other health problems as a result. Additional tips for eating fruits are

As follows:

  • Some fruits, although they have a small amount of sugar, are large, such as watermelon. The recommended amount of watermelon is 1 cup. If you eat more than that, it can cause your body to get too much sugar as well.
  • You should eat fresh fruit more than processed fruit such as fruit juice,  dried fruit, or pickled fruit because processed fruit may contain added sugar and other substances that may have a negative effect on your health. And fresh contain dietary fiber that is beneficial to the body. which processed usually do not have UFABET
  • Avoid eating fresh fruits with various condiments or dips that are very popular in Thailand, such as chili salt and sweet fish sauce, because this will make it impossible to properly control the amount of sugar the body receives.
  • In patients with diabetes , in addition to choosing to eat fruits that have little sugar, You should also choose to eat fruits that are high in dietary fiber. Because fruits that are high in dietary fiber are digested slowly. This prevents blood sugar levels from rising rapidly after eating.

Although some low-sugar may not be your favorite, It doesn’t taste as good as your favorite fruit. Or some people may not like to eat any type of fruit at all. But choosing to eat that are appropriate for your health is a good and easy option for maintaining your health that you should not overlook. And good health is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.