Ancelotti ready to send Eden Hazard to start.

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Eden Hazard will start against Mallorca on Sunday’s Liga football stage. Confirmed by the White team’s Italian coach.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed. He will send Eden Hazard to start against Mallorca on Sunday. The Belgian forward impressed in the 3-0 win over Celtic in the Champions League group stage on Tuesday. According to Deario As on Saturday UFABET

Hazard came on as a substitute for Karim Benzema. Who had been injured early in the first half of the game. Before the Belgian forward netted the closing goal in a 3-0 victory over Scotland. Ancelotti confirmed ahead of the Mallorca clash that. Hazard would be offered a chance to replace the striker french.

‘Hazar did well against Celtic, tomorrow I will let him play. Hope he has a great game,’ said the Italian coach.

Ancelotti also insist that there would be no changes to the system. After being ask if he would adjust his plans to play 4-4-2. If Benzema wasn’t ready to play

‘With Celtic we don’t have the same system. It could be that Hazard didn’t score the same goals Karim has because he’s been playing for a while. I will ask him to play well. Just like he did against Celtic to maintain a good attacking attitude.’ said Ancelotti.