Lewandowski continues to shoot! Barca beat Cadiz 4-0

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Robert Lewandowski continued to score another goal in Barcelona‘s 4-0 win over Cadiz. Earning him five goals in a row in all competitions.

Spanish La Liga football

Cadiz 0 – Barcelona 4

Stadium: Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla

Opening the scene for the first 10 minutes, Barca almost got a goal to lead behind Gabi, paid for Rafinha, hit the post, the ball bounced into the way, Ferran Torres hit the right. But still hasn’t passed the hand of Heremia. S Ledesma, the local boss

In the 35th minute, Barca missed the opportunity to win another lead after Bellerin scooped the ball to the far post for Araujo to hit the ball without reaching the Memphis de Pai. At the end of the first half, we still can’t do anything and the score is 0-0.

In the second half 55 minutes, Barcelona came to break the goal to lead 1-0 after Rafinha cut the back for Gabi to fall off the back line. Before breaking into the end of the goalkeeper Cadiz’s hand. The ball went into Frankie. De Jong ran over and hit the net. It was the first door to the Dutch engine room this season UFABET

Then, in the 66th minute, Barcelona’s away score moved 2-0 immediately after Bellerin stabbed Rafinha to the back line before the cut-back came to the first post for De Jong, but the ball stuck. Ledesma, the Cadiz goalkeeper, before landing on Robert Lewandowski, who came down as a substitute again, is the sixth goal in La Liga this season.

83 minutes, the referee pauses the game. due to a medical emergency About a supporter in the stands suffering a heart attack who needs urgent first aid. After 20 minutes, the referee gave the players of both teams into the dressing room.

The game stopped for more than 40 minutes.

Recently confirmed that the medical team had first aid. and taken to the hospital While the players on both teams have come out to warm up to compete again.

In the 86th minute Barcelona took a 3-0 lead after a quick counter-attack, Lewandowski slipped in before pouring Ansu Fati a clear shot.

Then, in the stoppage time, 90+2 minutes, Barca came to get the fourth seed, leading away after Levan’s flow Dembele dragged into the front of the penalty area before pulling the rhythm and smashing into Ledesma’s hand, but the ball was still strong before flapping. Hit the post before the end of the game as Barcelona defeated Cadiz 4-0.