Rafinha reveals the reason why he chose Barcelona.

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Barcelona winger Rafinha has revealed. Why he turned down Chelsea to join the Catalan giants this summer.

Brazilian attackers have many options. After finishing last season with Leeds United with a strong form. But it was revealed that conversations with compatriot Neymar led him to choose Barca over the Blues UFABET 

Rafinha was one of Chelsea’s top targets in the summer when they spent more than £270m in league history, but the former Leeds winger has also moved to Camp Nou. Cost of 56 million pounds

The 25-year-old explained how Neymar’s words helped him make decisions. But it also pointed out that this transfer came from the bottom of his heart. Because of the love for the club

Rafinha explained: “I spoke to Neymar about the transfer. And he told me that if I go to Barcelona, ​​I won’t regret it. and he was right.”

“I turned down Chelsea because my dream was to wear the Barcelona shirt.”

“What surprised me at the club? There is no doubt a warm welcome from the fans, the coaching staff and the players together, they are all very nice and want to help the new players.

“Barcelona welcomed me with warmth. Whether it’s football fans, coaches and fellow players together. It was a very good feeling. Everyone in the team is trying their best to help new players.”