Inter Milan returns to form Torino 1-0.

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Marcelo Brozovic became a hero Having scored the winning goal in the 89th minute. Inter Milan won 1-0 at home to Torino after losing their previous two games against Milan and Bayern Munich football team.

Italian Serie A soccer league

Inter Milan 1 – Torino 0

Stadium: Stadio Giuseppe Meazza

Starting the game in the first 10 minutes, both teams had very few chances, but Inter had a chance to win first from Lautaro Martinez’s shot, but still not good enough to make Vanya Milinkovic-Savic have to exert

Torino almost as well in the 20th minute. Nicola Vlasic showed the style of fleeing Milan Skriniar, breaking into the penalty area on the left side, rocking in, breaking the joint with the right foot, Samir Ha. Ndanovic fell to save in time.

The end of the first half, both teams still can’t do anything, it’s always 0-0.

Into the second half, 50 minutes, Torino, almost 10 people left, Antonio Sanabria jumped up to draw an elbow at Hakan Chalanoglu, falling down. The referee ran to give a red card immediately. Before running out to look at VAR and change the verdict to be a yellow card instead UFABET

In the 57th minute.

Torino came in a free-kick, a long-range hope, Ricardo Rodriguez ran to spin with the ball on the left, ricocheting the wall, changing the way to stick to Handanovic’s leg. Incredible save.

The Stone Bulls are also terrifying. Antonio Zanabria breaks up on the left and cuts in. Milan Skriniar spins from the right in front of the 18-yard box curve to save Handanovic.

But then in the 89th minute, Inter came into the lead 1-0 when Nicolo Barella, who had possession of the ball in front of the penalty area, diverted to the left, opened the ball in the 6-yard box for Marcelo Brozovic. Insert the ball from the back of the foot through the hand. Milinkovic-Savic Tungnet

The rest of the time, although the visiting team is trying to reclaim. But couldn’t finish the game. Inter slashed Torino 1-0.