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How to use aloe vera for beauty

How to use aloe vera for beauty How to use aloe vera externally 1. Relieve burning sensation When the skin is exposed to heat Whether it’s scalde water, burn wounds, or even sunburn skin, there will be a burning sensation. Aloe vera gel can be used as

Eating too much sugar risks premature aging of the skin.

Eating too much sugar risks premature aging of the skin. Everyone is probably familiar with the hot and sunny weather conditions of Thailand. Many people are therefore seeking techniques to cool themselves. Whether it is sugar risks premature choosing to eat food that is sweet and cold

Iodine is important, pregnant women should know.

Iodine is important, pregnant women should know. Iodine is an important nutrient for the development of the baby’s nervous system while in the womb. If the pregnant mother receives insufficient amounts it will result in hypothyroidism in the pregnant mother and also cause a risk of

What are the symptoms of Keto Flu?

Currently, there are no clearly defined symptoms of Keto Flu. But it is often a symptom similar to having a fever. Some people may also experience emotional changes. The symptoms are only temporary or last about 1 week after reducing the intake of carbohydrates menu. This sudden lack of

Things you should know about safe exposure to Phytonutrients.

Although Phytonutrients are beneficial to health. But there is safety information that you should know before consuming it, including: Intake of phytonutrients through eating fruits and vegetables is safe for most people. and help build strong overall health. Because in addition to phytonutrients. Fruits and vegetables are also rich

How to eat almonds to get all the benefits?

The health benefits of almonds have been proven in many studies. However, people suffering from various health problems should seek medical treatment first. Because it is the safest treatment For those who expect health benefits. You should choose to eat appropriately as follows: Many people believe that are

Health benefits of wormwood.

Wormwood is an herb that has medicinal properties and has many health benefits in many different ways. This article will give examples of 6 benefits of wormwood as follows: 1. Has antioxidant properties Wormwood has antioxidant properties. Free radicals are the triggers for cell inflammation and damage. It

How to eat fruits for the most health benefits?

In addition to choosing to eat low-sugar fruits, Eating wisely is another factor that will allow us to fully benefit from fruits. And it does not increase the risk of disease or other health problems as a result. Additional tips for eating fruits are As follows: Although